Cindy Hadfield
Cindy Hadfield

About Hadfields

Being consistent in our passion for the equestrian sport, we have breeches that meet the requirements of the leisure rider and also the professional. We offer three different types.

The ever-so-popular Pikeur breech is known for its durable fabric and superb fit. The “Ciara” has proven to be the breech du jour with its form-fitting shape, front zip, seat panel, wide waist band with belt loops, and narrow leg. The men’s “Rodrigo” breech with angled front pockets, back flap pockets and classic tailoring continues to be a favorite. Both styles are offered in a variety of everyday colors and, of course, horse show beige and white. For ladies seeking a fashion-forward look for day-to-day riding, we also stock the latest Pikeur styles accented with distinctive stitching and design details.

Our Cynthia Munro breech, made to our own specifications, has characteristics very similar to the Pikeur. It is designed using the same microfiber fabric to create a very flattering, sleek look. The Cynthia Munro also comes in a variety of colors, side zip and plain seat.

For young equestrians, we offer our line of Hadfield’s breeches and jods, as well as Ovation styles for girls and boys.

You will be well-dressed once properly fitted in any one of our variety of breeches.