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About Hadfields

So easily forgotten once caught up in the pageantry of the stylish clothes, the lovely saddles and bridles, all the accoutrements required to pursue the sport, is our first love, the Horse. Hadfield's passion for horses is the foundation of Hadfield's Saddlery, Inc. Having been bit by the "horse bug" at an early age, I am blessed to still be in the industry surrounded by these magnificent animals.

Hadfield Bridleworks

Our largest department in our "For the Horse" is, of course, our bridle line manufactured at our sister company, Hadfield Bridleworks, UK. The same passion that has been the cornerstone of Hadfield's Saddlery is portrayed in the creation of Hadfield Bridleworks. England is known best for its quality and traditional skills. Today, Hadfield Bridleworks can be found in a wide range of disciplines from the Quarter Horse industry, to Paints and Pintos, as well as the Hunter/Jumper industry, to name a few


Today, stocked in Florida, we boast 18 bridle styles, 35 different reins, 22 caveson styles, 17 martingale styles, as well as lead shanks, stirrup leathers, training devices, horse boots, spur straps, girths, and all the parts associated with these items, in depth, in all sizes from small pony through oversize. 

King of Prussia Trade Show

Hadfield Bridleworks' distinctive features include:Bridle Oil

  • Australian nut, rich brown Sedgwick leather
  • Hand-beveled edges
  • 12 stitches to the inch
  • Roller buckles used at stress points with leather-protective chapes
  • Pre-waxed white poly-cotton thread
  • Small, neat, tight keepers
  • Superb fit with custom tailoring available
  • Our signature black-with-blue hang tags with explicit care information
  • Our own HBW Conditioning Oil to maintain your brand new purchase
  • Brass or silver nameplates available

Hadfield bridles have become the industry standard, many times copied but never surpassed.

Leather Stamp

Other worthwhile collections we stock "For the Horse" are:

BitsHorse Boots – From the paddock to the show ring, we provide the brands that will continually protect your investment with, Equifit, Hadfield Bridleworks or Veredus.

Bits – A complete line of bits, from 3 1/2" to 6", from standard dee bits to the more elaborate training bits, is on hand. If there is a special bit you are looking for, we can either order it from one of our many suppliers or have it made through a UK manufacturer.

BitsPads – Whether it be a simple, everyday baby pad (with logo in your barn colors) or a fleece "Toklat" pad, a "Wilker's" lift pad or a natural fiber fleece "Fleeceworks" pad, we can accommodate you and your horse in the comfort and luxury you are looking for.

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Our collection of products for the horse is extensive, although if there is a particular item you are looking for that we do not carry, we would be glad to research it for you to satisfy your need.