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The Cynthia Munro riding shirts are expertly tailored to custom patterns, giving you the classic look we are so known for.  This remarkably-fitting shirt is available in hundreds of fabrics including:  Egyptian cotton, chambray, French oxford, European dobby, Italian twill checks, broadcloth, silk weaves, poly-cotton blends and 100% polyester, to name a few. (note: poly and "microfiber" are commonly used interchangeably.)

Shirt Swatches

Our innovative styling offers a taller collar for a more elegant look, along with two chokers with adjustable buttons; a contrasting fabric inside the collar as well as outside, if preferred; back shoulder yoke; a covered placket concealing the front buttons; a pleated pocket on the ladies' adorned with our "CM" logo; cuffs with buttonhole detailing allowing you to use your cufflinks as well as buttons; and a shirt tail to stay tucked into your low-rise breeches and jeans.

Choose from the many crisp cotton tone-on-tone or striped cotton shirts in stock or our solid polyester, commonly referred to as "CoolMax," in ladies' and children's sizes. You may want to create your own Cynthia Munro shirt, selecting your own shirt fabric, lining color and monogram.

The newest addition to the Cynthia Munro shirt collection is our "Vanessa" shirt.  It features white-trimmed short sleeves, concealed pearl snaps down the front, two pearl snaps on a taller white collar band, and body-contouring "Princess" front seams.  We have chosen from a variety of fabrics to complement our breech colors.  The Vanessa shirt can be used in the show ring or as an upscale alternative to a polo shirt.

Look forward to our next creation, the "chokerless" riding shirt.

Purchasing a CM shirt will be a worthwhile investment for a picture-perfect wardrobe. Custom measurements are also available for that one-of-a-kind fit.