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The gift of style is the essence of our Cynthia Munro riding coats.  Once you have tried on one of our coats, you will see for yourself the simple but extravagant look and feel our coat portrays.

Our Cynthia Munro riding coats are manufactured in England using either fine, lightweight Merino wool, perfect for custom tailoring, or poly-wool-lycra blends. Not only have we personally chosen our coat fabrics but also our linings, collar, piping and buttons. The fit is geared towards the discriminating, athletically built customer, presenting a narrow, sleek look either off the rack or custom ordered for you.

At present, we have two different but classic styles in our Collection:

Suzanne Coat

The "Suzanne" coat is designed with the Equitation rider in mind.  The fabric we use for this coat is a very dark, almost black, navy known in the garment industry as "European Navy." Choose from either 100% lightweight wool or our poly-wool-lycra blend.  Both have solid navy stretch linings with a double-panel back and three plain, navy front buttons. Simple but elegant.

Candice Coat Our "Jocelyn" coat was originally designed for the Jumper rider.  We offer the same navy fabrics as well as a variety of blacks, greys, browns and greens.  An array of gorgeous tone-on-tone fabrics is available for coat linings, along with contrasting striped linings for the sleeves.  The "Jocelyn" typically has a contrasting color for the collar, along with piping, European-front styling with a four-button front, and center back seam with two buttons in back.  You also have your choice of plain black buttons or silver or gold-rimmed buttons.

We are confident that in both the "Suzanne" and "Jocelyn" coats, you will find the luxury and style to which you are accustomed.

Having listened to the wants and needs of our customers, we are introducing another new coat to the Cynthia Munro Collection.  This coat is made with the athlete in mind, although we still maintain the traditional look for which we are so well known.  The unique feature of this CM coat is that it is machine washable.  Those constantly on the go will appreciate this coat – not only is it washable, but you can throw it in the dryer as well.

For formal attire, we offer shadbellies in either navy or traditional black. Choose from our in-stock collection, which offers a variety of contrasting plaid or checked vest points, or custom order to suit your own taste.